Pests Don't Belong on Your Property

Pests Don't Belong on Your Property

Hire us for mole control services in Tyler, TX

Moles and gophers are annoying pests that can tear up your lawn and turn your landscape into a disaster zone. The Lawn Whisperer in Tyler, TX offers gopher and mole control services. We don't lock customers into contracts for these jobs and will come out to your property as many times as it takes to get rid of your pests. Once a month, we'll visit your property to make short work of these burrowing pests.

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Our process for eliminating pests

Do you need mole or gopher control services? We'll help you take care of the aggravating pests. We'll:

  • Come out once a month to exterminate pests
  • Return free of charge if you have continuing issues that month
  • Use high-quality products to terminate these difficult pests without a hitch

With our gopher or mole control services, you won't have to worry about these pests any longer. Speak with our owner today about your options.

Know the signs that you have a mole or gopher problem

Not sure if moles or gophers are an issue you should be worried about? You may need gopher or mole control services if:

  • You see fresh mounds of earth on your lawn
  • Your grass and plants aren't thriving
  • Stones are showing up on top of your lawn
  • You see holes in your lawn
  • It looks like plants have been pulled through the earth

If you notice these issues with your property in Tyler, TX, reach out to us for mole and gopher control services. We'll take care of these underground pests so they stop making a mess of your lawn.